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The “ukoo_compat” Prestashop Module is designed to extend Search and Classification of spare Parts on a Prestashop Webshop. It provides a smart Search engine for your customers to search products based on criterias like Manufacturer, Model, Year of a Car for Exemple.

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Detailed description

Why this PRESTASHOP Spare Parts Managment Module ?

Natively, PrestaShop makes it difficult to reproduce links or facilitate product search your catalog for a given object.
Management attributes and characteristics or tree as important and complex as the number of objects or compatible vehicles are laborious and quite unsuited to the operation of the PrestaShop solution.
That is why we have developed this module from your perfectly grafted without changing the core structure and Prestashop store to manage a large number of compatibility without slows your site.

Facilitate navigation in your shop and improve your conversion rate

Your visitors faster access to search, matching their search criteria. This allows them to save time when shopping while distinguishing your store from your competitors.

Increase the Search Engines visibility of your Spare Parts

With a structure designed for the search engines, this module allows you SEO optimized and efficient.
Automate your URLs and meta data using filters and compatibility criteria directly in the administration module.

Discover a simple and intuitive administration!

The ergonomics of the management interface compatibility has been designed to facilitate the addition or modification of data. More an import / export CSV tool / Excel allows you to process or collect this information on your local spreadsheet.
So you have no reason to lose!

Benefits of "ukoo_compat" Spare Parts Manager for PRESTASHOP

  • Now compatible with PrestaShop 1.6! (New)
  • Facilitate research in the catalog
  • Quick access to information
  • Lean Data Base (no duplicates are generated)
  • Accelerated procurement process
  • Search by advanced filter (independent search engine Prestashop)
  • Optimized tool for efficient SEO

Main features of the PRESTASHOP Spare Parts Manager

  • Management compatibilities overlay product catalog
  • Block search filters and customizable criteria
  • Management universal products (New)
  • Group management criteria (New)
  • Import / Export CSV compatibility
  • multilingual management
  • Metadata and URL Rewriting-results pages based on filters and criteria
  • Pages of results in the form of list of topics attached to the selected criteria
  • Added a "compatibility" tab on the product description (front and back office management)
  • Cache system independent
  • Sitemap generator

Dedicated Business Cases witch use PRESTASHOP Spare Parts Manager

  • Online sales of electrical parts
  • Linking a catalog product with a brand and model of appliance appliances
  • Online sale of automobile or motorcycle parts
  • Linking a catalog product with a brand and model of automobile or motorcycle, scooter, ATV
  • Online sale of agricultural or forestry parts
  • Linking a catalog product with a brand and model of tractor, log splitter, winch, combine ...
  • Online sale of parts or software
  • Linking a product catalog with a printer, a type of software ...

Related services for the PRESTASHOP Spare Parts Manager

We also offer the following options:

- Updates for 1 year
- Installation and configuration
- Graphical integration based on existing template
- Full webshop design and developpment 


Compatibility 1.5.0, 1.5.1, 1.5.2, 1.5.3, 1.5.4, 1.5.5, 1.5.6
Objectif Navigation
Langues Français, Anglais
Niveau de compétence Expert
Dernière version 3.1
Date de dernière mise à jour 16.08.2017

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